Saturday, August 8, 2020

The second edition of the Meson manual is out

I have just uploaded the second edition of the Meson manual to the web store for your purchasing pleasure. New content includes things like:

  • Reference documentation updated to match 0.55
  • A new chapter describing "random tidbits" for practical usage
  • Cross compilation chapter update with new content
  • Bug fixes and minor updates
Everyone who has bought the book can download this version (and in fact all future updates) for free.

Sales stats up to this point

The total number of sales is roughly 130 copies corresponding to 3500€ in total sales. Expenses thus far are a fair bit more than that.


  1. thanks for this updated version, keep up the good work

  2. Just picked up a copy, thanks for all the hard work in creating a usable and simple build system Jussi. Will continue to spread the word about Meson, I hope the sales numbers of the manual will go up!