Monday, March 4, 2024

CapyPDF 0.9.0 released

I have just released CapyPDF 0.9.0. It can be obtained either via Github or PyPI.

There is no major big feature for this release. The most notable is probably the ability to create structured (or "tagged") PDF files. The code supports using both the builtin tags as well as defining your own. Feel free to try it, just know that the API is guaranteed to change.

As a visual example, here is the full Python source code for one of the unit tests.

When run it creates a tagged PDF file.  Adobe Acrobat reports that the document has the following logical structure.

As you can (hopefully) tell, structure and content are the same in both of them.


  1. Last image is broken
    Thanks so much for all your work on CapyPDF, I can tell it is going to be great for many OSS projects