Wednesday, April 17, 2024

CapyPDF 0.10.0 is out

Perhaps the most interesting feature is that this new version reduces the number of external dependencies by almost 15%. In other words the number of deps went from 7 to 6. This is due to Apple Clang finally shipping with std::format support so fmt::format could be removed. The actual change was pretty much a search & replace from fmt::format to std::format. Nice.

Other features include:

  • L*a*b* color support in paint operations
  • Reworked raster image APIs
  • Kerned text support
  • Support for all PDF/X versions, not just 3
  • Better outline support

But most importantly, there are now stickers:

Sadly you can't actually buy them anywhere, they can only be obtained by meeting me in person and asking for one.

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