Saturday, August 13, 2022

Making decision without all the information is tricky, a case study

In a recent blog post, Michal Catanzaro wrote about choosing proper configurations for your build, especially the buildtype attribute. As noted in the text, Meson's build type setup is not the greatest in the world., so I figured I'd write why that is, what would a better design look like and why we don't use that (and probably won't for the foreseeable future).

The concept of build types was copied almost directly from CMake. The main thing that they do is to set compiler flags like -g and -O2. Quite early in the development process of Meson I planned on adding top level options for debug info and optimization but the actual implementation for those was done much later. I copied the build types and flags almost directly except for build types RelWithDebInfo and Release. Having these two as separate build types did not make sense to me, because you always need debug info for releases. If you don't have it, you can't debug crash dumps coming from users. Thus I renamed them to debugoptimized and release.

So far so good, except there was one major piece of information I was missing. The word "debug" has two different meaning. On most platforms it means "debug info" but on Windows (or, specifically, with the MSVC toolchain) "debug" means a special build type that uses the "debug runtime" that has additional runtime checks that are useful during development. More info can be found e.g. here. This made the word "debug" doubly problematic. Not only do people on Windows want it to refer to the debug runtime but then some (but not all) people on Linux think that "debugoptimized" means that it should only be used during development. Originally that was not the case, it was supposed to mean "build a binary with the default optimizations and debug info". What I originally wanted was that distros would build packages with buildtype set to debugoptimized as opposed to living in the roaring 90s, passing a random collection of flags via CFLAGS and hoping for the best.

How it should have been done?

With the benefit of hindsight a better design is fairly easy to see. Given that Meson already has toggles for all individual bits, buildtype should describe the "intent", that is, what the end result will be used for. Its possible values should have the following:

  • development
  • releaseperf (maximize performance)
  • releasesize (minimize size)
It might also contain the following:

  • distro (when building distro packages)
  • fuzzing
Note that the word "debug" does not appear. This is intentional, all words are chosen so that they are unambiguous. If they are not, then they would need to be changed. The value of this option would be orthogonal to other flags. For example you might want to have a build type that minimizes build size but still uses -O2, because sometimes it produces smaller code than -Os or -Oz. Suppose you have two implementations of some algorithm: one that has maximal performance and another that yields less code. With this setup you could select between the two based on what the end result will be used rather than trying to guess it from optimization flags. (Some of this you can already do, but due to issues listed in Michael's blog it is not as simple.)

Can we switch to this model?

This is very difficult due to backwards compatibility. There are a ton of existing projects out there that depend on the way things are currently set up and breaking them would lead to a ton of unhappy users. If Meson had only a few dozen users I would have done this change already rather than writing this blog post.

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